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Eye Glasses Case

I love English Paper Piecing! That’s something I never thought I would say, but I recently discovered how much enjoy this technique. Hand-sewing something has proven to be quite relaxing and piecing together lots of cute fabrics is always a lot of fun.

I came across this technique when making another Christmas present – an eye class case (following this great and very easy to follow tutorial over at Liesl Made). As I really enjoyed the process as well as the final product, I am already forward to paper piecing a few more things… Another case is already in the works! And this time I’ll try to integrate a flex frame to keep the glasses from sliding out of their case.

Additionally to the tutorial mentioned beforehand, I used these instructions for the paper piecing as I didn’t have any freezer paper to work with and used just normal paper onto which I printed the hexagon shapes from the same site. (other shapes / patterns are available too)

Oh, and I used Amy Butler fabric for this project – more specifically from her Lotus and Belle range.

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Patchwork Bags – Second Batch

I just couldn’t resist… 😉

P.S.: I just love everything that Ayumi produces over at Pink Penguin. Be sure to check her blog out!

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Patchwork Bags – First Batch

So, I proudly present to you another Christmas present that I produced…

I followed Pink Penguin’s great tutorial for a reversible patchwork bag, adapting it slightly. I reduced the size of the overall bag by only making it out of 9 squares for each side of the bag. Of course I consequently also had to adjust the size of the interior bag and the casing of the cord.

With basic calculations I came to these measurements:
3 x 3 squares for each side of the bag = 9 squares per side = 18 squares in total
(each square measured the original 2 1/2” proposed in the tutorial)
As I left out 1 square on each line of squares, I “missed out” on 2” of the width of the bag (2 1/2” square minus 2 times the seam allowance of 1/4”)
I therefore reduced the length of the casing from 8 3/4” to 6 3/4”  while keeping the original width.
Equally I reduced the size of the fabric squares for the interior bag from 8 1/2” to 6 1/2”.
Apart from these adaptations, I used all the original instructions.

Voilà! =)
Aren’t they cute? Will have to make a few for myself too, should I get the time to. They would be lovely and just the right size to keep a bit of jewelry… 😉

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Tea Bag Wallet

I made this tea bag wallet for a friend of mine who helped me prepare for a recent English exam (which I aced, by the way… :P). Remember Tea Bag Wallet #1 and Tea Bag Wallet #2? This is one just like it, just nicer (in my humble opinion). I made it once again following the tutorial from Is It Naptime Yet?, with a slight modification: I didn’t use a button for the closure but a snap closure. But I am definitely starting to go off them, as they keep loosening all the time…

But, enough of that – here are some pictures of the tea bag wallet!

Oh, did I mention I made two of those wallets? =)

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Patchwork Button Pouch

I made this little pouch as a present and it really was a great opportunity to use up some of the fabric scraps that seemingly keep on multiplying every week.

I followed this great tutorial and only had to use my seam ripper once during the process 😉

It’s such a cutie and I will definitely make a few more should I somehow find the time for it…




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Flex Frame Coin Purse

I made this cute little coin purse as a birthday present. It was my first time using a flex frame and I used a tutorial from U-handblog for it.

Both the exterior and interior fabric are by Michael Miller from his Far Out Floral line, purchased at the Centro Comercial Principe Pio in Madrid.

I also used a nice fusible fleece inbetween the two fabric layers.

Coin Purse


Coin Purse

Coin Purse

All in all a very nice and not too difficult little project! I immediately made a second one… =)

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New: Tutorials Page

A couple of days ago I added a new page to this blog – Tutorials.

I’ll be compiling a list of great free tutorials that can be found on the Internet. Hopefully some of you will get inspired by the compiled projects!

Island Life

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Another Wasp Bag

Another Wasp Bag =)

Anybody getting bored yet? 😉

This time it was for my aunt’s birthday, using one of my favourite fabrics ever (the purple one). I bought it on a trip to Stockholm, at my favourite ever fabric store, Ohlssons. I don’t know anything about the producer or its name but love its vibrant color.


And finally, the bag:

Wasp Bag

Wasp Bag

As before, I also made a frayed fabric flower to go with the bag. =)

Frayed Fabric Flower

As I mentioned before, the Wasp Bag tutorial can be found here. And the tutorial I used for the fabric flower was posted here.

A change I made with regards to the original tutorial was to once again ditch the proposed pocket (which I couldn’t get my head around) and add a zippered pocket instead.

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Wasp Bag

Another Wasp Bag! Sadly, I’ve only got shaky, blurry mobile phone images of it, as my camera’s batteries were running low. And as I was giving it away to a friend that day, it was my last chance to take a picture of it. But my friend promised me to take some pictures of it and send them to me! So hopefully there’ll be some higher-quality ones around soon. =)

I love this bag! It was hard to let it go 😉 I chose a thrift store fabric in gray as the outside and another thrift store fabric in flowery blue/white for the inside and the handles, as well as the frayed fabric flower I made to accessorize the bag.

Wasp Bag

Wasp Bag

Frayed Fabric Flower

As I mentioned before, the Wasp Bag tutorial can be found here. And the tutorial I used for the fabric flower was posted here.

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iPod Case

Wow, it’s been such a long time since I posted something on here. Life’s been quite a whirlwind in the last few months. End of semester exams are now all over and done with, luckily. And, I started my master thesis! I guess my summer will be spent mostly on getting done as much as possible regarding that. But hopefully there will also be time for the odd crafting. =)

Although it’s been quiet here, I nevertheless got a few things done/sewn. So there’ll be a massive update over the next few days…

First of all, one of my favourites that’s been in heavy use ever since I finished it: my new iPod case!

I got the idea during one of my visits to the gym. Where to put the iPod while doing the weights? I need my constant entertainment! 😉

Well, I made an iPod case for my upper arm. I kind of based it on Pink Penguin’s tutorial for a Simple Camera Case.
Of course I adjusted the shape to fit my iPod touch. I also added a Velcro closure and a casing at the back for my adjustable strap, which itself uses lots of Velcro. I am really pleased with the result, I have to say =)

iPod Case

iPod Case

iPod Case

iPod Case

iPod Case

July 17, 2009 at 10:11 am 2 comments

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