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Recipe: Mini Chocolate Cakes With Liquid Filling

Mini Chocolate Cakes With Liquid Filling


Serves 4

35 g flour

40 g icing sugar

80 g ground almonds

2 egg whites, beaten

80 g butter, melted

160 g dark chocolate, melted + 4 additional small pieces


1. Preheat oven to 150°C.

2. Mix flour, sugar, almonds, egg whites, butter and chocolate.

3. Put half of the mixture into four oven-proof, greased soufflé moulds.

4. Insert one chocolate piece into the center of each mould.

5. Cover with the rest of the dough.

6. Bake for 20 min in the oven (or until baked through).

7. Take from oven, leave to rest for 5 min.


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Lots of excuses & a recipe

Well, so I’ve been absent from this blog for quite a long time. I do have quite a long list of excuses why, but I won’t bore you with that. Let me just mention that “master thesis” is one of them…

Sewing has taken a break for the moment. I do however have one of my planned projects almost finished. Yes, the McCall M5880 dress.

It just doesn’t fit right at the moment so I’ll have to take it apart again and take it in under the arms.

The next post will contain a recipe I just love for its easiness and deliciousness. Mini chocolate cakes with a liquid filling! Mmmhh….

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Recipe: Banana & Walnut Bread

Who doesn’t love a good banana bread? =)

Banana & Walnut Bread

(I used a 25 cm x 14 cm cake tin, which gives you a bread of about 5-6 cm.)


100 g butter, softened (+ a little bit for greasing the cake tin)

140 g brown sugar

1 egg

225 g plain flour

2 tsp baking powder

4 bananas (the riper, the better!), mashed

90 g walnuts, chopped

3 tbsp milk


• Pre-heat oven to 180°C.

• Grease your cake tin & line its base with parchment paper.

• Mix softened butter with egg and sugar.

• Gradually add flour and baking powder to mixture.

• Add the mashed bananas, the chopped walnuts and the milk. Mix together.

• Pour mixture into cake tin and bake for 1 hour (or until skewer comes out clean).

• Allow to cool before removing bread from tin.


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Recipe: Going Austrian

I’ve been reading so many recipes over the last few months & adding them to my long list of things to try out, that I completely ignored my Austrian roots and the wonderful cooking that is done in this country. With all the crispy duck, naan bread and thai salad recipes I’ve been hoarding came the realisation that I might just have to fit in something a little bit more traditional. This might also have been triggered by the food I got to enjoy on my recent trips to visit my grandparents where my grandma cooked up a storm! And of course my mom was also taught well and I’m well known for stopping over for lunch/dinner/… 😉

So let’s start my project “Going Austrian” (in terms of cooking at least 😉 ) with something sweet. “Kaiserschmarrn” is served as a main but also as a dessert. It is a classic, served almost everywhere from traditional restaurant to ski huts. It is delicious but also very simple to prepare.

I’ve cooked this many times and still love it… =)


(loosely translated: emperor’s rubbish, in reality: sugared, cut-up pancakes, often with raisins)

Serves 4


30 g powder sugar

240 g flour (you could even use wholemeal flour)

8 eggs (separated)

1/2 l milk

40 g white sugar

80 g raisins (can be omitted, of course, or substituted/supplemented with other fruits – apples are a favourite)



• Mix flour with salt, milk and egg yolks.

• Whisk the egg whites with the sugar until stiff and fold under the flour mix.

• Pour mixture into a hot, greased pan (I use butter to grease) – so the pancake is about 1 cm high.

• Let bake for a bit, scatter over raisins.

• Flip onto other side. Finish baking until browned on both sides (slightly more than golden, I would say).

• Rip apart the pancake with the help of two forks (pieces can be of any size, usually the biggest ones are about 3 or 4 cm squared).

• Let rest for a little bit, dust with powder sugar and serve.

Serve with: fruit compote, apple puree, stewed plums…

P.S.: I know, no recipe is complete without a picture, but I usually just don’t photograph my food, so you’ll have to wait a few days until I cook it again… 😛

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Recipe: Wasp Nest Cake

A traditional family recipe. Made at least once a year at my Dad’s birthday (it’s his favourite cake).

Quite easy to make and delicious!

Thanks Mum for passing the recipe on to me.

Edit: Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a PDF of the recipe.

Wasp Nest Cake

Wasp Nest Cake

200 g quark
1 whole egg
3 tbsp milk
80 g sugar
1 pinch of salt
125 ml vegetable oil
400 g flour
15 g baking powder

30 g butter
50 g sugar
15 g vanilla sugar
100 g raisins
100 g grated chocolate
100 g grated hazelnuts

To glaze:
1 egg yolk

1) Mix quark with egg, milk, sugar and salt to form a smooth cream. Mix in oil.

2) Mix flour and baking powder.  Add to cream and quickly knead into a loose dough.

3) Roll out dough on a floured surface into a 50 cm x 40 cm rectangle.

4) Melt butter and distribute on dough.

5) Fire up your oven to 180°C.

6) Distribute sugar and vanilla sugar on  dough. Do the same with the raisins, the chocolate and the hazelnuts.

7) Roll up dough from the wide side.

8 ) Grease a 26 cm spring form (a 24 cm one works as well).

9) Cut roll into pieces (ca. 14). Place in the spring form with the cut surface facing up.

10) Whisk the egg yolk and coat the cut surfaces.

11) Bake for 30 min on the middle rail.


Wasp Nest Cake

Edit: Should anyone want to print the recipe, here is the PDF: Wasp Nest Cake

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Korvapuusti & Cupcakes

Remember when I told you about the Finnish speciality I tried at an international dinner party? The korvapuusti, a kind of cinnamon / cardamom bun were my favourite that night and I vowed to make them myself one day.

Well, I did. And completely forgot to take any pictures… We were all too occupied eating them… 😉

I can just recommend again this recipe: Finnish speciality – korvaapuusti by On the way. I followed the instructions and it worked beautifully! So tasty – especially warm out of the oven!

I also tried another recipe over the weekend: Apple Banana Cupcakes from Barbara on Allrecipes. I altered the recipe a bit after reading the comments on Allrecipes. I substituted the shortening with butter and the buttermilk with vanilla yogurt. I also added finely chopped walnuts for a bit of a crunch. And I didn’t shred the apples but finely chopped them.

The cupcakes were delicious! Very tasty and moist. And I think the walnuts added that extra bit of yumminess 😉

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White Chocolate Lime Cookies

Yeah, I finally tried out my new recipe of “White Chocolate Lime Cookies” by have cake, will travel. They turned out really nice, although I had to use a lot of extra flour to make a dough that wasn’t too wet. Next time though I might use less, as it certainly influenced the taste. I also used more lime juice as I just love limes… 😉


White Chocolate Lime Cookies

P.S.: I tried to recreate the photo from the original post. =)

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Already stressed about Christmas presents?

Well, I have already thought about them too. And I came across a few on-line tutorials that inspired me to hand craft most of my presents this year.

I especially love this necklace (the full title: Louis Vuitton “Knock Off” Fabric Bead Necklace) by froo*gal.

Fabric Bead Necklace

I think I am going to start doing a few of those for selected girlfriends this weekend, as soon as my exam on Friday has been passed (hopefully successfully ).

I also fell in love with this bag by A Mingled Yarn, that’s originally a diaper bag but will be adapted to work as a map / book bag for me to take all my stuff to university with me:

Diaper Bag

And someone will also be presented with fabric covered magnets by jcaroline creative! as a christmas gift. Aren’t they just gorgeous:

Fabric Covered Magnets

Oh, and I really have to go to a jumble sale. I need album cover sleeves for this great organizing idea:

Album Cover Wall Organizer

And to satisfy all cravings for sweets, I’ll try out these great sounding cookies by have cake, will travel!. Hopefully it will not a ‘frustration feast’ after my exam… 😉
Don’t they just sound great: White Chocolate Lime Cookies!

White Chocolate Lime Cookies

So, have a great second part of the week!

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International dinner

I recently participated at an “International Dinner” for foreign students where everyone brought traditional food from their home country for the others to taste. It was great. Such a variety of great food! We Italian Tiramisú, Spanish Tortilla, French Tarte Tatin, Crêpes, German Potato Salad…

My favourite though were the Finnish “Korvapuusti”, a type of “Pulla”, which itself is a kind of yeast bread with cardamamom (find a recipe here:—korvapuusti—tasty-bun-from-finland). It’s some kind of bread with lots of cinnamon and cardamom. I think I’ll make some this weekend. =)

Oh, and when the dinner neared its end I took some of the table cards to remember it. So here there are some of the dishes we enjoyed.

International Dinner

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Big plans

This weekend I am so busy I sadly won’t have the time to spare to get out my sewing machine and start a new project. But with all these great tutorials around I have already composed a list of future projects I hope to realize soon. And as we all know, Christmas is also coming up sooner or later. Better start now… 😉

Projects I’d love to get my hands on:

tiny happy: shoulder bag

Marmadaisy: Folding tray

U-handblog: Quiz and easy origami gift box

kirin notebook: reversible journal cover


Oh, and check out this site which features wonderful diy projects. It just makes me want to refurnish my flat, reuse old furniture, create decorative items…



One more thing:

I’ve been thinking for a long time about doing my first roast chicken as I have never tackled one of those before. I found this recipe that is labeled “foolproof” and might just be the one for me. 😉

I’ll let you know if it worked for me too once I get the time and the occasion to try it out.

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