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Korvapuusti & Cupcakes

Remember when I told you about the Finnish speciality I tried at an international dinner party? The korvapuusti, a kind of cinnamon / cardamom bun were my favourite that night and I vowed to make them myself one day.

Well, I did. And completely forgot to take any pictures… We were all too occupied eating them… 😉

I can just recommend again this recipe: Finnish speciality – korvaapuusti by On the way. I followed the instructions and it worked beautifully! So tasty – especially warm out of the oven!

I also tried another recipe over the weekend: Apple Banana Cupcakes from Barbara on Allrecipes. I altered the recipe a bit after reading the comments on Allrecipes. I substituted the shortening with butter and the buttermilk with vanilla yogurt. I also added finely chopped walnuts for a bit of a crunch. And I didn’t shred the apples but finely chopped them.

The cupcakes were delicious! Very tasty and moist. And I think the walnuts added that extra bit of yumminess 😉


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International dinner

I recently participated at an “International Dinner” for foreign students where everyone brought traditional food from their home country for the others to taste. It was great. Such a variety of great food! We Italian Tiramisú, Spanish Tortilla, French Tarte Tatin, Crêpes, German Potato Salad…

My favourite though were the Finnish “Korvapuusti”, a type of “Pulla”, which itself is a kind of yeast bread with cardamamom (find a recipe here:—korvapuusti—tasty-bun-from-finland). It’s some kind of bread with lots of cinnamon and cardamom. I think I’ll make some this weekend. =)

Oh, and when the dinner neared its end I took some of the table cards to remember it. So here there are some of the dishes we enjoyed.

International Dinner

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