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Treasure Hunt

Oh, don’t you just love discovering hidden gems in thrift stores? I did so on a recent trip to one of those shops (well, actually I even returned for a second round of treasure hunting…).

I bought a variety of things, from zippers in all lengths and colours, to trims and a sewing book and, of course, a lot of fabric.

Cotton, Linen, Jersey, you name it! And of course in lots of different colours…

So let’s just hope I’ll soon have the time to make good use of all my new goodies! =)


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Just Because: Fabric Mosaic

Some of the fabrics lying around here, waiting to be used in some great new sewing project…

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Another fabric bead necklace!

I just loved the first fabric bead necklace I produced some time ago. So I had to make another one 😉

This time I used a great fabric I did get from my aunt – a cotton / satin mix in a ‘pucci’ design. So beautiful! And because of the pattern I didn’t have to use any other fabric =)

Hope you like this one as well! And I think I might just make another one like it and give it away as a Christmas present…

Getting started:

Fabric Bead Necklace

The finished necklace:

Fabric Bead Necklace

Fabric Bead Necklace

Oh, and remember: The tutorial is from froo*gal – for all those who feel inspired =)

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