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Pattern Challenge: Cabo Halter Modeled

Me, modeling my new Cabo halter. =)

The hook & eye on top of the zipper is still missing but will be added eventually… 😉

March 18, 2010 at 18:54 pm 3 comments

Pattern Challenge: Cabo Halter

Over the weekend I finally had the chance to finish the first of my Pattern Challenge projects. I chose the Cabo Halter pattern from Amy Butler to get the challenge started.

This choice was not an arbitrary one, as this pattern had been bugging me for quite some time. A little time line:
After I bought the pattern I pretty soon started creating the first version of the halter top . Luckily, I chose to make a muslin before using any of my “good” fabric. I finished it up to the point when the zipper should be put in.

And then I tried it on.

Well, let’s just say, the upper part wasn’t very “covering” and definitely too small for me. The rest of the top fit just fine (I had chosen the Medium size).

So, not having any idea about what to do, I set it aside. And took it out again when this pattern challenge first came to my attention. At this point I had already read a few things about FBA (Full Bust Adjustment), so I kind of new what to do. At least I thought so… 😉

I searched for resources on the Internet and found quite a lot of suggestions about how to handle such an adjustment.

My favourites:

Sew, Mama, Sew! article

“Y”-Bust Dart Alteration

Several Alteration Techniques

After I now was kind of informed, I just got to work and did my own alteration. I kind of used a “Y”-Bust Dart Alteration, creating a fuller bodice. During the sewing process I (= noob) realised I of course had to alter the other pattern pieces accordingly. I did a bit of tweaking there, so everything fit together nicely.

[My pattern alteration in process.]

The pattern itself is very easy to follow – the instructions are very clear, even for someone like me, who doesn’t really sew clothes. I did a lot of pressing (thanks here to my grandma who gave me a steam iron station as a present – love it!) and the light cotton fabric I chose was quite nice to sew. It’s a very cheap cotton, bought as a bargain in a pack of several fabrics. Originally it was white, but as never quite know what to do with white fabric I dyed it to a light blue.

Back to the pattern: even the zipper was easy to install! And I had been so afraid of that step!

So, here is  my result:
[I just noticed I could have pressed it before photographing it. Sorry about that. ;-)]

You’ll notice two additions.

Firstly, I added a “modesty panel” to the front of the halter, as although the bodice was more forgiving due to my alterations, it still gaped wide open. I just used a bit of leftover fabric folded in half for this, having topstitched it first.

I attached the panel by also sewing it to the lower part of the halter top and by topstitching all around the upper part of the top (from the center over the straps down to the back).

Secondly, I used some of the trim I bought recently at the thrift store, to add some interest to the single-coloured top.

Hope you like it!

P.S.: I’ll model the top soon, so you’ll have a photo of it on a “real-life” model too.

P.P.S.: Just a note: beware when using disappearing fabric marker. Or more specific: don’t mistake your permanent marker for your fabric marker. Yes, I did that. And yes, I had to cut a whole lot of new pieces out of my fabric.

March 16, 2010 at 23:07 pm 7 comments

Joining the Pattern Challenge

With all those still unused sewing patterns lying around, I just had to join the Pattern Challenge over at Come And See The Seitz.


Sarah asks of the participants of the challenge to put into writing our goals, so here are mine. With summer coming up (I know, I know, it’s still quite a bit away.), I’d like to finish the following projects (the patterns and some of the fabrics I’ll use are already in my possession):

The patterns are (from left to right):
1. McCall’s M5880 2. Amy Butler’s Cabo Halter 3. McCall’s M5653
4. Vogue V8553 5. McCall’s M5662 6. Vogue V1086
7. McCall’s M5586 8. McCall’s M5425 9. Vogue V8241

I think I’m going to be able to give quite a realistic review of these patterns, as they are mostly labelled as being “very easy”, so ideal for me as a newbie to sewing clothes. I’ll take lots of pictures and quite a few of them will probably include a seam ripper, but hey, that’s the way to learn, isn’t it?

February 15, 2010 at 21:38 pm 3 comments

Eye Glasses Case

I love English Paper Piecing! That’s something I never thought I would say, but I recently discovered how much enjoy this technique. Hand-sewing something has proven to be quite relaxing and piecing together lots of cute fabrics is always a lot of fun.

I came across this technique when making another Christmas present – an eye class case (following this great and very easy to follow tutorial over at Liesl Made). As I really enjoyed the process as well as the final product, I am already forward to paper piecing a few more things… Another case is already in the works! And this time I’ll try to integrate a flex frame to keep the glasses from sliding out of their case.

Additionally to the tutorial mentioned beforehand, I used these instructions for the paper piecing as I didn’t have any freezer paper to work with and used just normal paper onto which I printed the hexagon shapes from the same site. (other shapes / patterns are available too)

Oh, and I used Amy Butler fabric for this project – more specifically from her Lotus and Belle range.

January 9, 2010 at 11:12 am 2 comments


Another birthday present! No tutorial for this one. I just selected the fabric and got started!

The solid brown fabric is from a whole stash of cotton fabrics I bought over at eBay, the patterned ones are from Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain line.
In between the two fabric layers there is a nice batting.







November 10, 2009 at 16:42 pm 1 comment

Bag Swap – I proudly present…


So, here it is. The bag I received from Katherine as part of the recent bag swap. Isn’t it lovely?

Bag Swap

Bag Swap

Bag Swap

And Katherine even generously included a sewing pattern! It’s Amy Butler’s Field Bag & Tote. I had been eyeing this pattern for quite some time and am really looking forward to making one of those bags!

Bag Swap

Bag Swap

October 26, 2009 at 17:15 pm 1 comment

Another fabric necklace

This time quite a bit longer, to wrap around the neck once or twice =)

I used one of my favourite fabrics, one of those that has been lying around for quite some time as I never got the chance to make the top out of it that I was planning to do. (I am still at the muslin-testing stage.) It’s once again from Ikea – the blue Josefin variety this time.

Oh, and of course this necklace was once again inspired by Amy Butler’s fabric necklace.

Fabric Necklace

Fabric Necklace

August 26, 2009 at 16:19 pm 1 comment

Fabric Necklace

A project I long had an eye on, was Amy Butler’s Fabric Necklace, a free pattern that is available from her homepage. It looked so nice and easy! And I can now tell you: it is! 😉

I finished my first fabric necklace, using a fabric I bought from Ebay for 1.- € (and that’s for 5(!) meters of it).

I altered the pattern a little bit. Instead of first cutting rectangles from the fabric and then cutting the bias strips from it, I cut the strips directly from the fabric, as it seemed like a waste of fabric to do otherwise.

Also, I used wooden beads instead of the Styrofoam balls. As I only had 3/4” ones instead of 1” ones, I had to adapt the pattern accordingly so the fabric still fit around them quite tightly. (I used a 3/4” seam instead of a 1/2” one to sew together the bias tube.)

But, all in all, I think it’s a very nice project. Quick and easy, and nice to look at too. I might just make the next one a lot longer, so I can wrap it around my neck two times. =)

Fabric Necklace

Fabric Necklace

Fabric Necklace

June 10, 2009 at 14:05 pm Leave a comment

Finally, a magnetic closure

After going on hiatus with my sewing projects because of uni & all the stuff that generally has to be done (e.g. securing a topic for my thesis – yes, it’s done, I am going to start it this summer!!), finally an update.

Thanks for all your comments and tips. They inspired me to change the one thing that I really didn’t like about my finished Birdie Sling: the missing magnetic closure.

I opened up the gap I had sewn closed on the interior of the bag (the one used to pull the bag through to turn the right side out). This way I could also access the inside of the magnetic snaps and add their backs. It worked fine! Now I’ve finally got my magnetic snap!

P.S.: All this was possible, because I actually had been too lazy to topstitch the lower side of the bands… 😉

Magnetic Snap

Magnetic Snap

May 19, 2009 at 15:00 pm 1 comment

Amy Butler Patterns

I just purchased on Ebay two patterns by Amy Butler – the Swing Bag and the Betty Shopper.

Two more bags for me to sew =)

I’m really looking forward to them arriving. I’ll post a picture as soon as I’ve got them in my hands. And then it’s time for fabric chasing action. I see another trip to Ikea coming along 😉

November 15, 2008 at 13:58 pm Leave a comment


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