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It’s Been A Good Year!

Wishing you all a happy new year! See you in 2010!


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Small Pouch

My brother’s girlfriend did get this small pouch as a Christmas present. The tutorial I used is originally for a Make Up Bag and originates from Craftastical!. I changed the dimensions slightly. Well, I actually halved them. 🙂

Also, it was the first time ever I used piping. I think given the final size of the bag I chose a piping cord that was too thick, but I still enjoyed including this new technique into my sewing.

Oh, and the most embarrassing thing of it all: I realised when doing the piping that I had been attaching my zipper foot the wrong way around ever since I bought my sewing machine! Well, it stilled worked for all my other projects though… 😛

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Tea Bag Wallet

I made this tea bag wallet for a friend of mine who helped me prepare for a recent English exam (which I aced, by the way… :P). Remember Tea Bag Wallet #1 and Tea Bag Wallet #2? This is one just like it, just nicer (in my humble opinion). I made it once again following the tutorial from Is It Naptime Yet?, with a slight modification: I didn’t use a button for the closure but a snap closure. But I am definitely starting to go off them, as they keep loosening all the time…

But, enough of that – here are some pictures of the tea bag wallet!

Oh, did I mention I made two of those wallets? =)

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Sneak Peek

Just a quick sneak peek at some of the Christmas presents I made this year…

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Bag Swap – It has been received!


Hello everybody! =)

After being absent from my blog writing for quite some time now, finally something new from me. All my time has been taken up by uni work and my master thesis over the last few months.

So you’ll have to excuse my being late to show you the bag I made for my swap partner Katherine in the process of the Bag-A-Holic Autumn Swap.

Remember the very cute bag she send me? Just a quick reminder here.

And here you can find a very kind post she wrote about my bag on her blog. =)

And here it is, my creation for the bag swap:

(Sorry, this is a very picture-heavy post…)

Bag Swap

Bag Swap

Bag SwapBag Swap

Bag Swap

I made this bag following a pattern from my favourite bag-related resource – U-Handbag. It is Lisa’s Expandable Pack It In Tote pattern. A great pattern to follow! And even though it used a lot of techniques that were new to me it worked out great! I’ll definitely be making it again – I’ve already had a few requests… 😉

The fabric I used is from my all-time favourite fabric store, sadly located as far away as Stockholm: Ohlssons.

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Merry Christmas

Wishing all of you a very merry Christmas!

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