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Mother’s Day Bag

Of course my mum did get a present for Mother’s Day and as she had previously told me she’d love a new handbag, I made her one =)

She chose the two fabrics to use and the rough look. So I decided to follow the tutorial for a reversible tote bag on Craftster.

The tote has just the right size to take it shopping. Big enough to fit quite a few things inside while still being very handy.

I followed the instructions, apart from omitting the two interior pockets (the tutorial creates a tote with two Velcro-closed pockets each on the interior and the exterior of the bag) and adding a zippered pocket.

Oh, and of course I added a magnetic snap =) Can’t live without one… 😉

Reversible tote bag

Reversible tote bag

Reversible tote bag


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Mother’s Day Memories

Just a few memories from our Mother’s Day Celebrations.

Quite a few members of our family met up in my maternal grandparent’s quaint village and had brunch together. Yummy (&  “all-you-can-eat”…). =)

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

P.S.: I know I am a little late posting this… 😉

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Drawstring bags

To get my stuff organised and because some of my drawers are starting to break (and I mean, literally, break) because of their load, I did quickly sew together some drawstring bags following the tutorial from Yarnmonster. I used some Ikea fabric that I had bought in a sale and that was lying around, waiting for a purpose.

Very easy to make, especially after you get the hang of it. As always, the cutting out was the part I enjoyed the least… 😉

Drawstring Bags

Drawstring Bags

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Finally, a magnetic closure

After going on hiatus with my sewing projects because of uni & all the stuff that generally has to be done (e.g. securing a topic for my thesis – yes, it’s done, I am going to start it this summer!!), finally an update.

Thanks for all your comments and tips. They inspired me to change the one thing that I really didn’t like about my finished Birdie Sling: the missing magnetic closure.

I opened up the gap I had sewn closed on the interior of the bag (the one used to pull the bag through to turn the right side out). This way I could also access the inside of the magnetic snaps and add their backs. It worked fine! Now I’ve finally got my magnetic snap!

P.S.: All this was possible, because I actually had been too lazy to topstitch the lower side of the bands… 😉

Magnetic Snap

Magnetic Snap

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