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Fabric Covered Magnets



Taking inspiration from jcaroline creative I made my own fabric covered magnets though I radically adapted the original idea. I didn’t make a lot of fuss about the magnets and just used ready-to-use coloured magnets and glued fabric on them, very similiar to the way used during the fabric bead necklace project. It works and is done very quickly =)

Nevertheless I took care not to gloo anything on the magnet itself, just on its plastic cover – all around – and tucked the rest of the fabric over the sides where I cut it down so nothing was visible from the outside or covering the magnet. Hope everything is clear now 😉


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Fabric Bead Necklace – The Result

So, here it finally is – my first finished fabric bead necklace. I already wore it to university one and plan on doing so a lot in the near future. And I have already got plans for different coloured necklaces – for myself and as Christmas presents.

Now that I know exactely how to make them I think I’ll be able to make them in practically no time at all 😉

Oh, I used a mixture of black and white fabric scratches I found lying around. One or two of them are from Ikea fabric the rest had been handed down to me by family and friends.



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Fabric Bead Necklace

So, I did get started on my first fabric bead necklace. As mentioned before, I followed the tutorial by froo*gal. It’s not yet finished so the photos are of the ‘work in progress’.

The wooden beads I used had a too small hole so I spent quite a lot of time on filing them bigger. The problem before was that when I stuffed the raw ends of the fabric into them I couldn’t get the needle with the ribbon through it…

My utensils:



The first few beads:

Fabric Beads

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White Chocolate Lime Cookies

Yeah, I finally tried out my new recipe of “White Chocolate Lime Cookies” by have cake, will travel. They turned out really nice, although I had to use a lot of extra flour to make a dough that wasn’t too wet. Next time though I might use less, as it certainly influenced the taste. I also used more lime juice as I just love limes… 😉


White Chocolate Lime Cookies

P.S.: I tried to recreate the photo from the original post. =)

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Already stressed about Christmas presents?

Well, I have already thought about them too. And I came across a few on-line tutorials that inspired me to hand craft most of my presents this year.

I especially love this necklace (the full title: Louis Vuitton “Knock Off” Fabric Bead Necklace) by froo*gal.

Fabric Bead Necklace

I think I am going to start doing a few of those for selected girlfriends this weekend, as soon as my exam on Friday has been passed (hopefully successfully ).

I also fell in love with this bag by A Mingled Yarn, that’s originally a diaper bag but will be adapted to work as a map / book bag for me to take all my stuff to university with me:

Diaper Bag

And someone will also be presented with fabric covered magnets by jcaroline creative! as a christmas gift. Aren’t they just gorgeous:

Fabric Covered Magnets

Oh, and I really have to go to a jumble sale. I need album cover sleeves for this great organizing idea:

Album Cover Wall Organizer

And to satisfy all cravings for sweets, I’ll try out these great sounding cookies by have cake, will travel!. Hopefully it will not a ‘frustration feast’ after my exam… 😉
Don’t they just sound great: White Chocolate Lime Cookies!

White Chocolate Lime Cookies

So, have a great second part of the week!

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Amy Butler Patterns

I just purchased on Ebay two patterns by Amy Butler – the Swing Bag and the Betty Shopper.

Two more bags for me to sew =)

I’m really looking forward to them arriving. I’ll post a picture as soon as I’ve got them in my hands. And then it’s time for fabric chasing action. I see another trip to Ikea coming along 😉

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Reversible tote bag

Another project I took on, following a tutorial on Craftster:

The tutorial is by gloriana and her blog can be reached at this address:

It’s a reversible tote bag =)

I found the tutorial to be very helpful and detailled – exactely what you need when you’re just getting started with sewing.

Here’s my result:

Tote bag

Tote bag

Tote bag

Edit: You might have already guessed it – I used fabrics by Ikea… 😉

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